Case Study

Customized Hyal ✖ Picotoning ✖ Mesona J ✖ Peeling ✖ Lumecca ✖ Vampire Facial


In addition to customized hyal,
In addition to customized hyal, a combination of skin care, internal medication, and skin treatments,
The result is very beautiful, natural, and refined.

Left: Before treatment / Right: After 6 months

To be beautiful, not only injection treatment but also skin treatment is necessary❗️
Skin treatment takes time.
It is important to plan for the long term and continue the treatment steadily.

Skin treatment, hyaluronic acid, etc,
We will propose the most suitable treatment for you, including your goals, treatment period, and budget.

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✔︎Customized Hyal
Forehead, nasal wing base, nose, chin

✔︎ skin treatment
Picotoning 5 times
1 session of Mesona J
Peeling 10 or more times
Lumecca 3 times
Vampire facial 4 times

▶︎ hyaluronic acid

⏳Treatment time : 10 minutes

💴Treatment fee : 22,000+tax, Formulation fee 77,000+tax
(22,000+tax, Preparation fee: 77,000+tax)

🗓Duration : 1-2 years

😷 Swelling and internal bleeding : about a few days

⚠️Risks : Infection, impaired blood flow, unevenness, etc.

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