Case Study

Nasal septum extension ✖ Rhinoplasty ✖ Nasal prosthesis replacement ✖ Nasal wing reduction ✖ Nasal wing base prosthesis ✖ Other hospital revision


Men’s cosmetic procedures are on the rise.
Nowadays, men too can be sophisticated with cosmetic surgery.
If you want to become a cool guy, leave it to me.

This is a case in which an L-shaped prosthesis was inserted at another hospital in the past, and the tip of the nose became crooked and upturned due to its contracture.
We refined it while correcting the crooked nose by replacing the prosthesis with nasal septum extension using rib cartilage.
At the same time, the impression from the front was also refined by nasal bone osteotomy widening and nasal wing reduction.
The nasal wing base prosthesis also improved the buried feeling of the nose.
The nose has been rearranged, and he has become a sophisticated man.

💰Cost (including tax and excluding anesthesia)
Nasal septum extension (rib cartilage) ¥880,000
Rhinoplasty ¥348,000
Nasal bone osteotomy widening ¥660,000
Silicon prosthesis ¥382,800

🏥Risks/side effects (possible)
Swelling, internal bleeding, infection
Left-right difference in nose shape
nasal obstruction

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