Case Study

Removing sagging dark circles under the eyes


Dramatic change!

Patient with noticeable puffiness under the eyes.
Normally, we would choose a treatment that involves cutting the skin.

However, due to her work schedule, the patient wanted to have the treatment without cutting.

We explained the risks (sagging, wrinkles, etc.) of a non-surgical treatment and performed lipoectomy and fat injection.

Photo: Female in her 60s
Upper: before surgery
Bottom: 3 months after surgery

She looks dramatically better!
Botox was also injected into her forehead, so her forehead has become taut!
The patient said, “My life has changed! The patient was so happy and said, “My life has changed!

I feel happy to be a cosmetic surgeon when my patients are happy. ☺️
Please feel free to contact me for any concerns you may have.

📍Sagging dark circles under the eyes

Condense rich face from under eye to gorgonas

Regular price: 748,000 yen + tax

⏳ Treatment time : 1.5 hours

😷 Swelling and internal bleeding : around 10 days

⚠️ Risks : Lumps, left-right difference, hematoma, unevenness, infection, etc.

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