Patient Journeyflow

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    Counseling reservation can be easily made by simply clicking and filling the reservation form

    Enquiring comes with no obligation and requires only a phone call, email, or messenger apps. We reply to messages on weekdays within 48-hours (excluding holidays), and we are available by phone Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm.

    The details are as below:

    Phone: +81-50-3196-4834
    WhatApp / LINE / WeChat

    We welcome the opportunity to discuss our procedures. You will get a good understanding of what to expect without giving up much time.

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    Initial Consultation

    When you attend your initial consultation in our rooms you will see one of our caring counseler. We will ask you about your councerns, aims, preferences and motivations for surgery. We will provide you with information on our process for assisting you with your important decision making journey, details about the treatment techniques available to you and the Bianca’s approach to the treatments.

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    Second Consultation

    Your second consultation will be with one of our expert doctor and during this you will discuss your concerns, aims, preferences and any special requirements you have. The doctor will perform a thorough assessment and explain his recommended treatment plan with options as appropriate.

    In consultation with you, he will then tailor an individualized plan for your surgery. The doctor will then provide you with important information on what the treatment involves, the type of anaesthesia and pain management if needed, where the treatment will be performed and the range of possible outcomes of treatment over time. In consultation with you, the doctor will then tailor an individualized plan for your treatment. You will also receive information, on surgical and non-surgical treatment options that are available.

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    After your thorough consultation with the doctor, you will have the time to consult any additional concerns or questions that you may have about the treatment with the counseler.
    The counseler will provide you with a consent form in which will have important information on the risks and possible complications associated with the treatment, the recovery process, activity limitations and after-care, and possible revisional treatment that may be needed in the longer term.
    You will be given a detailed estimate of the total costs of your proposed treatment which will include fees for the performance of the treatment and aftercare during healing, anethesia fees, implants or other supplies as applicable. Once you have made your decision, our experienced and caring team will attend to the finer details of booking and planning your procedure. We will provide you with comprehensive information relating to your pre-operative requirements, as well as your recovery, aftercare appointments and post-operative instructions. Throughout your journey we are here to support you and answer your queries, so you can feel comfortable as you prepare for your treatment.

Before your visit

If you currently reside in Japan, please have a valid Japanese ID (drivers license, resident card, passport etc.) when you come to the clinic. If you are a foreign resident, please bring with you a valid passport.

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